SPECIAL FEATURE: Culinary Christmas crackers!


I LOVE CHRISTMAS! It’s my absolute favourite time of the year (decorated my flat on 30th November as per the picture above) – I love mulled wine, winter fashion and most importantly…festive FOOD. December is a time for indulgence (safe in the knowledge you can hide a multitude of sins under a baggy Christmas jumper!)

London is a complete winner when it comes to festive pop ups and themed events. So I set about visiting a couple of great offerings and hope you will follow suit and make the most of the festivities the capital has to offer!


I live on the beautiful Greenwich Peninsula and I adore how the peninsula square (slap bang outside North Greenwich tube station) gets jazzed up with a variety of events throughout the year (e.g. outdoor cinema and mini music event in the summer).

Winter is no exception. ‘Christmas on the Peninsula’ is a small event with a great community feel. There is the opportunity to visit Father Christmas, several shows, an exhibit and selection of food stalls topped off with a tepee bar which houses a couple of open fires, live music, a photo booth and an array of festive beverages!

I visited the bar and the atmosphere was fantastic (although, word of warning, you will come out smelling like a bonfire – but in my opinion the cosiness makes it worthwhile!) Myself and a few friends sampled the mulled wine and mulled cider – both very tasty and affordable (considering the bar is directly in front of the 02 Arena – prime tourist haunt!)


The picture above was one I snapped whilst peeking into the bar when it first opened – as you can see it’s extremely inviting! If you’re in the area or fancy a relaxed, Christmassy catch up with friends I would definitely recommend.

Now, on to the serious business = FOOD.

My boyfriend and I have sampled several of the food stalls and I’m going to rate them in order of enjoyment! I won’t include the churros on this list as they don’t really fall into a ‘meal’ category (debateable!) but you MUST try them if you visit. They’re amazing – I have to resist the urge to buy them every evening when I walk home from work!


As you will expect the food isn’t cheap but it is very nice quality and they don’t scrimp on portions (WINNER).

Please do give ‘Christmas on the Peninsula’ consideration – it’s a fab little experience which I love to support! I can’t wait to see what the 2017 events calendar looks like…!


Continuing the festive theme I booked to go to Forest on the Roof @ Selfridges last weekend. I’m a sucker for an overpriced themed pop-up but I had really high hopes for this one as I had heard great things from their event last year.

It took us a while to find the entrance as there is a special fast track lift on the ground floor (do not make the same mistake as me and assume you take the escalators as far as they will go!) and as expected it was jam packed. However, the staff were very friendly and efficient and we had cocktails in the bar area whilst we waited for our table to become available.

Once we were seated at our table we were very well looked after – the food arrived quickly and despite being busy the staff all had beaming smiles!

My boyfriend and I both went for the burger and shared two lots of chips (don’t judge us) – the fondue fries which were incredible and the truffle fries, which were also great but the lingering taste of truffle 5 hours after the meal is not so pleasant! We also the cheesecake for dessert but it was devoured before I had chance to snap a picture!

Here is the main meal…


The burger was well cooked – I thoroughly enjoyed the meal! We washed it down with a bottle of white wine and the bill was around £100 (including service charge) – appreciate this is not at all a cheap evening out but if you’re looking for something a little bit special in preparation for the festive season then look no further!

Tip – try to avoid the peak times if possible and head up on a weekday afternoon to take advantage of the wooden cabins on the terrace outside the restaurant – super cute!


I hope this little snapshot inspires you to check out some of the awesome festive options in and around London! Whether you’re a Scrooge or the equivalent of Buddy the Elf there are culinary delights and experiences to suit everyone…!

Finally – here’s a festive snap of me and Father Christmas hosting our Christmas party earlier in the month!