Heliot @ The Hippodrome Casino


I must admit I rarely venture into Central London on a Saturday night. The area screams overcrowded and overpriced restaurants and bars. When my brother suggested going to Heliot restaurant at The Hippodrome Casino I was dubious about what we were letting ourselves in for. The casino is slap bang in the middle of  Leicester Square (a place I tend to avoid as much as possible) but after looking at the menu and reading other reviews (and seeing that it was a Bookatable winner in 2015) I was up for giving it a try.

My boyfriend and I arrived early and had a drink in the cocktail bar which was excellent. The drinks were of a really high standard and reasonably priced (around the £10 mark), particularly considering the area! I was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere, it was relaxed and spacious and the staff were friendly and welcoming – not at all what I expected of a casino!

When my brother and his girlfriend arrived we were seated in the restaurant. We were greeted warmly and our table was ready on time. The setting is very different to anything I have experienced before – the restaurant overlooks the casino tables making it a fantastic people watching spot! Despite being so close to all the action you are detached enough to enjoy your meal without feeling like you’re eating in a casino (and you’re not too close to other diners).

The food selection was great and the price was excellent for the quality (the biggest steak was approx. £30). We had four steak based meals with sides and alcoholic drinks and the bill came to just under £200 – including service – a huge difference from other well known steak houses of an on par quality.

Focusing on my individual meal (main course pictured above), I had a smoked salmon starter and surf n turf with Bearnaise sauce and onion rings for main. The steak was beautifully cooked (ordered medium rare) and the accompanying prawns and scallops were also perfect. The main course portions are large and there was probably no need for a starter in my case although it was very tasty! We didn’t have dessert but from peeking over at the table near us I would suggest trying the chocolate bomb-looking delight if you have room!

After our meal we wandered down into the casino for a while (I’m not up to speed with casino etiquette and was constantly told off for using my phone – oops!) which provided for a fun, unique evening – we had all completely forgotten that we were in Leicester Square! So please don’t be put off by the location/perceived environment and get yourself a booking at Heliot!

Please note that under 18s are not permitted (even in the restaurant) and ID may be required at the door. 

Heliot @ The Hippodrome Casino – speedy summary:

Grub for your gravy ****

Calibre of cuisine ***

Vibrant vibes ****

Top treatment ***

Diva direction – Ideal for a fun central London night out with a twist! 


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