The Ivy Market Grill

This past Saturday I visited The Ivy Market Grill in Covent Garden with my mum, who ventured from the Forest of Dean to join me in the big smoke for the weekend. 

This restaurant has been on my list for a little while and I booked in advance to ensure we could get a table. I was told when booking that my reservation would be for a 2 hour slot (pretty standard in Central London) which was fine with us. 

The decor is classy and inviting. The white, black and green colour scheme is reflected in all aspects of the venue – down to the staff uniforms!

I had one key issue on my mind for review during this visit. My mum suffers with coeliac disease which means she must stick to a strict gluten free diet. Eating out has been a struggle since she was diagnosed, with many eateries not fully understanding the severity of the condition or simply treating it as a hassle. 

I’m delighted to say the experience at The Ivy Market Grill exceeded my expectations! The staff were pleasant and accommodating and told my mum she could choose anything she wanted from the menu and they would adapt it to suit her needs (very impressive!) They engaged with us during the entire evening and nothing was too much trouble. 

I would register this restaurant on the higher end of mid range; the main courses are around £20. That being said, I felt that the pricing was reasonable for the quality. We paid just shy of £100 for 3 courses each and bottle of wine including 12.5% service charge – which we felt was fair. 

I took a few snaps throughout the meal (yes, I was one of THOSE people) and have included them here for your viewing pleasure!

My order was:

Buffalo mozzarella 

Aromatic duck curry with jasmine rice (amazing flavours!) 

Frozen berries with yogurt sorbet and hot white chocolate sauce 

And my mum selected:

Prawn cocktail (70s throwback ha!) 

Lamb shoulder with polenta mash 

Chocolate bomb (novelty dish which tasted great!) 

We ended up exceeding our time slot but this was never an issue and we were not rushed or encouraged to move along at all.

The restaurant was bustling and full but we were made to feel special and the pace of the evening was wonderful – perfect gaps between courses. 

Please do consider this restaurant if you’re looking to eat centrally but want avoid tourist haunts/chains. 

Just a note – unfortunately due to licensing restrictions, customers are unable to stop by for a quick drink at the bar, you must be eating a full meal. This is a little disappointing as the bar area is lovely and the bartenders mix up some delicious looking cocktails! 

The Ivy Market Grill – speedy summary:

Grub for your gravy ***

Calibre of cuisine ****

Vibrant vibes ****

Top treatment ****

Diva direction – Highly recommend for diners with dietary requirements. 


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