Recently I tried out Five Guys; the American fast food chain that seems to be popping up all over London! That being said, the popularity seems to have slightly dipped in recent months but crowds still flock to the Covent Garden branch so I thought it was worth checking out.

I must admit I played it safe with my order – standard hot dog, fries and a Diet Coke. Not the most exciting of choices but it’s simple and classic and *should* be done well.

Unfortunately, from the minute I stepped in the door I was stressed! It was extremely busy and the ordering system wasn’t at all clear (perhaps I should have researched this in advance? Or maybe I’m being dramatic…) but the staff were helpful and efficient.

After working out how to collect my food I was excited to tuck in! I considered the food decent quality for a fast food joint but not spectacular. It didn’t help that there were a fair few intoxicated people making a scene, which didn’t exactly create a pleasant dining experience (through no fault of Five Guys!).

For a speedy lunch I would recommend to a certain extent but I felt it was rather pricey for the quality and atmosphere.

Five Guys – speedy summary: 

Grub for your gravy ***

Calibre of cuisine **

Vibrant vibes **

Top treatment ***

Diva direction – Ideal for a carb-loading refuel during a shopping trip…! 


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