Hotdogs + champagne is quite possibly my dream combo. Despite hearing mixed reviews (majority of which were negative) I was excited to try it out myself.

Located in the beautiful Fitzrovia, the restaurant layout struck me as being a bit odd – high wooden benches which didn’t seem to make the most of the limited space. I visited at lunch time on a Saturday. I hadn’t made a booking and it was very busy so we were seated at the bar (not a problem for me but this might be a issue for others).

The staff were friendly and accommodating and the music choice was excellent – very much a retro vibe which I loved! Unfortunately the food was underwhelming, considering the price. We paid approx. £40 for 2 hotdogs (New Yorker and BLT), 2 sides (sweet potato fries and spicy tots) and 2 glasses of champers which to me seemed expensive for a quick lunch as the hotdogs were fairly small and plain; the food quality simply didn’t match my expectations.

I’m glad I tried Bubbledogs as it is a fun venue, however, next time I’m struck by a hotdog craving I will be going elsewhere. So much choice for American dining in London (special mention to The Diner and Electric Diner) for a more reasonable price.

Bubbledogs – speedy summary:

Grub for your gravy **

Calibre of cuisine **

Vibrant vibes ****

Top treatment ***

Diva direction – great place if you’re looking for a novelty location 


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