If you’re a fan of chops, Blacklock is the place for you! Located slightly off the beaten track in Soho (i.e. far enough away from tourist hell) you could easily walk past this little gem!

The restaurant is located in the basement area which is spacious and, dare I say it, slightly hipster (worst offender = wine out of tumblers!) But don’t let that deter you as the food is of a good standard and the atmosphere is unpretentious and welcoming.

I visited with my boyfriend and we went for the “all in” which included 3 pre chop bites (mini starters), all of the day’s skinny chops and 2 sides for £20pp.  I would definitely recommend doing this for your first visit as it is an opportunity to sample a variety of meats for a decent price.

Following the chops you may feel like you couldn’t possibly manage a dessert but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE think again. Blacklock only offers one dessert (again, don’t be deterred) – it is quite possibly the best cheesecake I have ever had. The waiter served us from a huge tray bake…I will willing him on to cut me a bigger slice!

Blacklock is an ideal location for a relaxed evening on a moderate budget.

Blacklock – speedy summary:

Grub for your gravy ***

Calibre of cuisine ***

Vibrant vibes ***

Top treatment ***

Diva direction – Fantastic location for casual evening meal and drinks with a group of *meat-eating* friends! 


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